Medical Excellence… from the Heart

Whether you are a business executive or the executive of your home, a family member, a senior, or busy college student, Dr. Donahue’s membership practice allows you the extra time needed to focus on your unique health concerns. Care includes excellence in western medicine with the cutting edge aspects of integrative/functional medicine. Our core mission is to care for you across the health spectrum from treating sudden illness to chronic illnesses as well as providing a comprehensive annual medical review with physical that helps you achieve your personal health goals.

Depending on your care plan, your health team may also include a vetted nutrition and fitness coach, a physical therapist, a cognitive behavioral therapist, and executive coach. Many of our patients seek and discover a healthier chapter in their life.

Our patient roster is limited to about half the size of other Boston membership practices to allow more time for this level of care.

The most complex illnesses are best treated by your primary care doctor and specialty physician team. Dr. Donahue, with over 30 years of clinical experience, selects specialists based on their knowledge and leadership in their field, as well as their ability to care. His experience as a visiting scientist at Harvard School of Public Health helps to inform this synthesis of care.

Dr. Donahue is affiliated with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Beth Israel Hospital with access to MGH and Dana Farber through Partners EPIC Healthcare, now Mass General Brigham.

You will have your doctor’s personal cell phone for texting urgent after-hour medical needs. Our staff team enjoys getting to know our patients and will advocate for you to navigate health insurance, testing and specialist referrals.

Our Patients:



Our executives appreciate same day appointment access, remote texting and Zoom communication and the use of personalized health monitoring devices.

Your comprehensive annual exam helps create your Health Plan, informing what Care Team is needed and at what intervals.

For cardiac concerns and maximum heart protection, we can now dovetail our Primary Care membership with a top Boston Cardiologist membership. Inquire for more details.

Proactive testing and imaging, depending on your goals, may include:

  • Cardiac Risk Reduction: Advanced lipid subfractions, inflammation and cardiac genetic risk markers.
  • Gastrointestinal Rebalancing: Gut biome, food sensitivity, and digestion and inflammation markers.
  • Hormonal Balancing: Female estrogen imbalance in menopause and male testosterone imbalance in andropause.
  • Metabolism-Weight Genetic Testing: Personalize a weight loss plan and exercise strategies.
  • Mental Health: Counseling as needed and Executive coaching as desired. Genetic testing for your psychopharmacology drug metabolism, can help inform medication choices with least side effects.

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Family Care

Having your family’s confidential care all under one roof simplifies life and can help Dr Donahue contextualize each individual’s health. A country doctor like caring often arrives sooner at a clear diagnosis and actionable plans for healing. Whether you are an executive at work or the executive of your home, having your family’s confidential care all under one roof, for one flat fee, simplifies life and can help your Family Physician contextualize each individual’s health. Adding the rigors of medical science to country doctor like caring often arrives at a clearer diagnosis and actionable plans for healing.

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College Students

Having treated students at Harvard University Health Services for 7 years, Dr. Donahue takes a special interest in college student care, from illness care to navigating a healthy lifestyle to optimize academic success and personal growth.

Studies show benefit from use of positive psychology and healthier habits such as studying, sleep patterns, eating, fitness, substance use, and sexual health. Sometimes this naturally leads into the existential “Who am I and what am I doing with my life”.

Personal Health MD provides college students with a safety net they can turn to while in Boston and then beyond.

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Maximizing your healthspan usually helps your lifespan too. To feel good and stave off illness we help you optimize nutrition, sleep, fitness and balance training.

Managing more complex illnesses with multiple medications from multiple specialists is an important part of your care.

Independence and dignity are priorities, as well as developing the grace to know when to ask for more help.

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Home Bound Elderly

At Personal Health MD we enjoy delivering Home Based Care to try to keep people in their homes for as long as feasible.

A Home-Based Membership allows for your physician to visit you at home, at regular intervals and as needed, to address medical problems, inform a home care team, and emphasize quality of life.

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International Patients

People seek our care in Boston, , visiting Boston once a year for a comprehensive physical examination that often includes proactive specialty tests and imaging.

Back home, we facilitate Telemedicine visits by Zoom and other venues.

We use digital devices including metabolic and heart rhythm monitoring to help inform your treatment plan.

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Conditions We Care For Include:


  • Reducing Heart Attack Risk: Advanced cholesterol lipid analysis, statin myalgia genetic analysis, cardiac inflammation and genetic marker testing, and  nutritional medicine.
  • Controlling Hypertension: Treat with medication combinations for least side effects. Lifestyle and natural approaches reduce medication needs.
  • Personal Cardiologist Team: Work as team with select cardiologists to optimize your heart health.  Access to pre-heart disease cardiologist consultation, imaging, stress echocardiogram.


  • IBS: (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) This comprises a significant part of our practice. Advanced functional testing of blood and stool to decipher underlying food sensitivity triggers, nutritional imbalances, intestinal permeability, and neurological triggers to IBS. Treatments are personalized and natural, and can help many people not previously helped.
  • IBD: (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis – Work as team with gastroenterologist to support medication treatment with natural approaches
  • GERD: By testing for underlying anatomical or digestion imbalance, some patients are able to wean off proton pump inhibitors such as Prilosec thereby improving digestion of food


  • Asthma: Look for underlying inflammatory causes. Optimal inhaler treatment plans
  • Allergic Rhinitis: Look for and treat underlying inflammatory causes, environmental or gastrointestinal immune sensitivities.
  • Infections: Treatment and prevention of frequent sinus and lung infections

Genito / Urinary

  • Prostate Health: Prostate cancer optimal screening algorithm
  • Kidney Stones: Treatment and prevention
  • Recurrent Vaginal Yeast Infections: Testing for biome imbalance and vaginal flora re-balancing
  • Male Erectile Disorder: Treat both medical and emotional aspects


  • Female Menopausal Hormonal Deficiency: Diagnosis and treatment options benefit/risk. Carefully monitored treatment.
  • Male Low Testosterone: Diagnosis and treatment options based on benefit/risk analysis. Carefully monitored treatment.
  • Thyroid: Diagnosing and treating “subclinical” hypothyroidism and fatigue, balancing T4 and T3 activity.


  • Diabetes: Lifestyle plan to put Adult Type II diabetes into remission
  • Persistent Fatigue: Multi-factorial approach including assessing for mitochondrial disease

Brain / Neurologic / Mind

  • Migraine Headache: Integrative treatment and prevention
  • Muscle Tension Headaches: Muscle relaxation approaches and trigger point injections
  • Depression: Genetic testing for optimal psychopharmacology, Assessing for immune inflammation “brain fog”, lifestyle treatment plan, vetted psychiatrist and therapist referrals
  • Anxiety, OCD, ADHD, Eating Disorders: Experienced with diagnosis, medication and natural treatment plans, and coordinating with clinical teams.
  • Neuropathies: Carpal tunnel, Sciatica treatment and prevention
  • Sleep Disorders: Sleep Apnea home based study and coordinated treatment with sleep specialist. Insomnia – Sleep CBT and sleep hygiene strategies
  • Dementia: Rule out metabolic causes of pseudodementia. Optimize treatment and in home support

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