Brain Inflammation and Mental Health

Research from The American Journal of Psychiatry, remarks by Dr. Donahue We know that mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression can have environmental and stress triggers. New evidence shows that systemic and local inflammation can play a role. A study in The American Journal of Psychiatry reviewed by the American Medical Association, found […]

Reimagining Primary Care: When Small is Beautiful

by Eric J. McNulty The attempts to “fix” the U.S. healthcare system have taken at least one well-worn market-based path: strive for economies of scale. Hospital consolidation is on the rise, a trend that shows no signs of abating as providers try to streamline back-end operations and deploy big data analytics in hopes of improving outcomes […]

New Clues for Detecting Colorectal Cancers Earlier

by Ann Lukits A study of how often people visit their doctor may offer a way to help detect colorectal cancers earlier. The study, in the International Journal of Cancer, found patients with colorectal cancers saw their family doctor significantly more often in the year before their diagnosis than did people without cancer. Before they […]

Malcolm Gladwell: Tell People What It’s Really Like To Be A Doctor

by Robert Pearl In last week’s article, Malcolm Gladwell dissected and diagnosed American health care. Throughout our interview, he tackled controversial topics from the Affordable Care Act and medical malpractice to the contrasting Canadian health care system and much more. I expected him to dive deep below the surface and provide new and intriguing perspectives. […]

To Your Health: Lyme disease really ticks me off!

Brookline — Lyme disease can be challenging for doctors to diagnose and treat, as well as frustrating and sometimes devastating to the people who have it. In 2009, there were 4,028 cases of reported Lyme disease in Massachusetts, with 456 cases registered in our Norfolk County alone! Interestingly, the young and not-so-young are the two […]

Doctor-Patient Rapport

By Richard Donahue, MD Boston is a mecca for some of the finest medical education in the country. While 20th Century medicine unraveled the complexity of cells within organs, 21st Century medicine is unraveling the medical mysteries connecting our organs; messenger hormones, reactive and protective inflammation pathways, and the neurocircuitry connecting our brain, moods and […]

International Medical Care in Boston

Dr. Donahue’s concierge following includes an international patient list who seek both conventional evidence-based and advanced alternative medical treatments to medical conditions including autoimmune disorders, alopecia and gluten sensitivity.

Gluten Sensitivity and Functional Medicine

Dr. Donahue’s team addresses the underlying triggers to diseases using Functional Medicine both to diagnose and treat conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatique, fibromyalgia and gluten sensitivity. Diet, exercise and stress are important factors to actualize personalized treatment plan. A Personal Health MD assigned nutritionist, lifestyle coach, and psychotherapist can serve as an adjunct […]