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Family Care

Whether you are an executive at work or the executive of your home, having your family’s confidential care all under one roof, for one flat fee, simplifies life and can help your Family Physician contextualize each individual’s health. Adding the rigors of medical science to country doctor like caring often arrives at a clearer diagnosis and actionable plans for healing.

For Your Children

Pediatric and adolescent care is provided from age three through college. While some children sail through childhood benefiting from optimizing lifestyle and nutrition, other children, often with genetic propensity, have more complex medical or mental health challenges requiring a deeper look into its underlying cause, along with coordinated specialist care.

Advances in medicine are finding that the origin of some, not all, chronic diseases arise from inflammation originating from our gastrointestinal immune system. Diseases affecting children’s organs such as the lungs (asthma), skin (eczema), and brain (anxiety, OCD, depression) may have origins in the G.I. track. We explore the relationship between the gut, food sensitivities and systemic inflammation.

Coordinating and communicating with Pediatric specialists is part of the overall care.

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