primary care for college students

College Students

Dr. Donahue takes a special interest in college-age healthcare having medically cared for undergraduate and graduate students at Harvard University Health Services for 7 years.

Care ranges from quick access to medically urgent care visits to optimizing academic success through optimizing body and brain health.

Dr. Donahue enjoys helping students balance trying to have a healthy lifestyle with having a memorable college experience.

Sexual health and safety, developing positive psychology, study and sleep habits, nutrition, fitness, as well as the more existential question “who am I and what am I doing with my life” are all part of your total health and happiness.

Making a few changes to attain a healthier body and mind can help you reach your academic and personal goals.

For local college students, Personal Health MD takes the place of urgent care clinics. The urgent care centers don’t know what we know about our patients. Plus, we’re always able to respond quickly and schedule an appointment in less than an hour. So, given our patient baseline, we can deliver a better treatment plan.

Personal Health MD provides college students with a safety net they can turn to and rely on while they are in Boston and then beyond.

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