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Patients We Serve

As a member of Personal Health MD, you’ll appreciate being treated first and foremost as a person, not as a medical condition that has taken up temporary residency inside of a human body.

When patients are treated by a doctor who listens and who sees patients as a person, not as a medical condition, it’s a better experience for the patient, one in which the patient –– now better educated –– is empowered to become and serve as a vital contributor to the healing process.

This approach is possible because Dr. Donahue and Personal Health MD see only a limited number of patients. Unlike some Boston primary care providers who have over 2,000 patients on their roster, Dr. Donahue restricts his patient pool to a small fraction (closer to one-tenth) of that figure. That allows the doctor and his team to provide personalized and attentive medical care for each member.

Dr. Donahue helps you manage incremental change and habits towards health, knowing that if were easy, or obvious, you would likely have done it already. Select medical specialists, cognitive behavioral therapists, nutritional and fitness coaches, and executive coaches can help round out your support team. Many of our patients seek and discover a new healthier chapter in life.

Patients we serve include:

Family Care

Whether you are an executive at work or the executive of your home, having your family’s confidential care all under one roof, for one flat fee, simplifies life and can help your Family Physician contextualize each individual’s health. Adding the rigors of medical science to country doctor like caring often arrives at a clearer diagnosis and actionable plans for healing.



Our executives appreciate the easy appointment access and remote communication with their doctor by text, email or phone. From disease treatments and to healthier lifestyle strategies to immediate health advice during a travel pinch, sustaining, even improving, a busy executive’s health is one measure of true wealth.


College Students

Dr. Donahue takes a special interest in college-age healthcare having medically cared for undergraduate and graduate students at Harvard University Health Services for 7 years. Care ranges from quick access to medically urgent care visits to optimizing academic success through optimizing body and brain health.



Many of today’s seniors are extremely healthy and take excellent care of themselves. Nevertheless, the older we get, the more likely we are to encounter health challenges –– some minor, others quite severe.


Home-bound Elderly

A growing sector of our membership, elderly who are home-bound, appreciate the convenience and personal care in the privacy of their home. They also appreciate not having to overcome issues of transportation to our office.


International Patients

Our members include patients from many foreign lands, some as far away as Asia. They visit with us in Boston once a year for a comprehensive physical examination that often includes a round of routine and specialized tests, when appropriate.