Primary Care

Personal Health MD helps you seek and obtain your optimum health.

With 28 years of clinical experience, Dr. Richard Donahue’s clinical care spans from complex illness, to cutting-edge approaches for optimal health. Dr. Donahue and the rest of your care team at Personal Health MD know that the best tool to uncover hidden disease is a highly detailed history. This allows us to tease out sequences and patterns of symptoms. In addition, we can more easily address acute care needs during same day appointments.

To achieve this level of care, we limit the number of patients we accept to a small fraction of the patients a typical Boston primary care doctor serves. We get to know our patients at a detailed level and diagnose from a more complete picture of their health and history.

Medical Services

We combine the best of conventional medicine care with an integrative functional medicine perspective.


Patients We Serve

You’ll appreciate being treated first and foremost as a person, not as a medical condition. We provide care from the heart.



Benefit from extended, non-rushed patient visits to fully address your medical and health goals and concerns.