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Care from the Heart

As a concierge member of Personal Health MD, we work with you as your trusted whole-body peace-of-mind physicians & care professionals. Our team sees a limited number of patients. This allows us to provide personalized and highly-attentive medical care to each patient.

We take the time to truly listen and explain the science of a disease and help patients understand treatment options.  As you learn more, you are more empowered to participate in the healing process.

Our world is all too familiar with the challenges and limitations of today’s health care system: long waits to see a doctor, short office visits in which questions aren’t addressed or answered, little or no direct access to a physician and a complex referral process to specialists if and when needed.

As a result, it’s not patient friendly.  So, patients wait months for an appointment. They don’t have direct contact with physicians. If they reach out to a specialist, they can’t be sure their insurance company will pay. Patients are subject to the limitations of their health insurance which, unfortunately, places the insurance company as the decision maker.

We’ve all experienced it –– that sudden rush of fear when we received bad news. In the medical world, that rush of fear occurs when a doctor shares the results of a test or MRI or the name of a disease.

Dr. Donahue and the Personal Health MD team know that fear is reduced and often eliminated as a result of education and information and when there is an open channel of communication between the doctor and his team of care professionals and the patient.

Peace of mind also replaces fear when a caregiver anticipates the needs of a child, adult parent, or spouse and reaches out to our team. Regardless of the symptoms, this preparedness reduces fear and supports peace of mind both of the caregiver and patient.