Our Concierge Medicine Philosophy

“The Hub of the Wheel of all your medical care”

With 30 years of experience, Dr. Richard Donahue diagnoses and treats common and complex medical and mental health illnesses, provide patient members with timely, and individualized medical care ranging from the unexpected acute illness visit to regular interval visits for chronic illness care.

Our more limited roster of patients allows time to combine excellence in conventional, integrative, and functional medicine, often resulting in coalescing multiple medical perspectives into new medical solutions.

Life-threatening and severe illnesses are best treated with a primary care and specialty physician team. Dr. Donahue selects specialists based on their knowledge leadership in their field, as well as their proven ability to connect and care.

Should a medical emergency or hospitalization occur, Dr. Donahue will work closely with the hospitalist team, advocate for your optimal coordinated care, and provide a smooth transition back home.