MD Functional Medicine

“Studies examining the microbiome in obesity, cardiovascular disease, skin disorders, cancer risk, and autism provide an indication of the level of interest in this emerging field, which may offer opportunities for individualized interventions”

– The New England Journal of Medicine June 4th 2015

Functional Integrative Medicine

At Personal Health MD we foresee the cutting edge of 21st Century medicine being a marriage between the best of modern Western Medicine and the best of emerging Functional Integrative Medicine as a way to promote health and longevity. While Conventional medicine, with its ongoing scientific breakthroughs can be life saving for life threatening diseases, Functional Integrative Medicine better fine tunes your health by treating the origin of a symptom, the upstream biochemical imbalance that will result in a disease.

For Example, Treating IBS

By measuring immune sensitivities to food, gut bacteria DNA biome analysis, hidden parasitic or yeast growth, digestion and absorption markers, plus gut inflammatory markers, we can address the origins of IBS in ways that conventional medical tests cannot. Recommended treatments include more natural strategies such as using targeted nutrition as medicine and targeted supplements or probiotics as medicine to treat imbalances in small intestine cellular function, gut bacteria, and nutrient malabsorption

Emotional and Physical Stress

Stress activates our primitive defensive inflammation pathways, promoting inflammatory diseases as well as downstream hormonal and neurotransmitter dysregulation.. Stress also promotes weight gain through putting you into a “survival” slower metabolic rate. Solutions to stress include psychological and biological aspects

Other conditions commonly addressed include, chronic fatigue, rosacea and eczema, asthma, migraine headaches, some mental health and autoimmune disorders, and excess exposure to measured environmental toxins.

Children and Adult Members at Personal Health MD are evaluated by Richard Donahue MD, MPH, who holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Health and Health Policy from the Harvard School of Public Health. Combining seasoned medical judgement with cutting-edge diagnostic tests, Dr. Donahue often is able to help patients not previously helped.

At Personal Health MD we have found that functional integrative medicine does not replace Western conventional medicine, it adds nicely to it, sometimes reducing or eliminating the need for prescription drugs.